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- It's how we build ourselves

We are a team of Bloggers and Software Engineers working round the clock to make this happen. An initiative in 2004 gave birth to easyarticles.com the website was overwhelmingly popular in 2014 and due to the unprecedented high volumes of traffic, the site crashed multiple times. 
Thanks to the in-house development team which has created this entire new CMS - Content management system without depending on any of the 3rd party cms like WordPress, Joomla, etc., and brought the website back to the limelight, Incorporating all the new age web technologies. 


Soon our platform will see Speech to Text platform for Blogging. which will make blogging easy. As and when a new idea comes to mind, or as and when you want to share a thought. This speech to blog conversion technology can be done instantly on our platform easyarticles.com


Post Articles to Blogs

Articles submit and qualify for Blog topics will be attached to the blogs.  Just post the Articles and see your popularity grow and article visibility increase exponentially.


Easyarticles creates the appropriate categories as and when your post requires one.


See your Blog grow with like-minded Authors working as a team on our platform. Co-own a Blog. You have an opportunity to own a blog.

No Coding Blogger

You don’t need to know a single line of code to broadcast media-rich messages to your audience at easyarticles.com


Interact with your audience by letting them comment on your posts and you can reply to the comments.


New subscriptions, new posts, comments and replies made,  other newsletters and mailers. 


Do-follow link or no-follow link preference. 
Blog - entry preference  (existing or new)  

Progressive web application

Easyarticles looks great across all devices, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Multiple images

Multiple images, charts & videos can be added as part of the Article to give a better user experience.

Search Engine friendly

The progressive design, page appeal, user-friendly layouts and a strict NO to illegal contents has resulted in the content craving search engines to fall behind our website easyarticles.com to fetch new updates regularly.


Bookmark the articles,  blogs for later reference or read


Follow your favourite Author and Follow your favourite blog and have continuity to the discussion on your favourite topic.

Save your $

Our blog and articles platform are absolutely free for usage. with No strings attached.


Our newsletters & mailers fully adhere to our No-Spam policy.

Business Directory

List your business in our Business directory and reach millions across the globe. options to get business enquiry, post jobs, post products.

Advertise with us

Banner advertisement is made easy, a self-service banner ads placement in your chosen section of our website. from posts to blogs to directory, choose your location.