Premium listing will enable your company to get indexed in Google, Duckduckgo in the first place

 --   Get website URL with Do-Follow backlink

 --   Get your own Company page with your Company banner and articles on page

 --   Post your company Logo on your company page

 --   Get your products listed with page links - up to 10 listing

  --  Jobs posting (and get emails within your account)

  --  promoters or directors photo name and short bio page

  --   Option to reply to customer feedback

  --   option to edit information  

  --   Get inquiry emails  got through companies page (inquiry)

How do I upgrade my posts to Featured posts ?

Sign up or Sign in and submit your article/posts which is absolutely free. 

Once your post is approved, you will see an option to upgrade your post individually to featured post in your login -> My-Account page.

Click on upgrade icon and complete the payment process for a meager fee of 5$  and in minutes you will start to see your post upgraded and the visibility for your post increased eventually.