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Indo Farm 3040 DI: Power, Versatility, and Durability

Indo Farm 3040 DI is a robust and reliable Indo Farm tractor designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers and commercial users. With its powerful 45 HP engine and impressive features, it stands out as a top choice in its category.

Introduction to Indo Farm 3040 DI

Indo Farm 3040 DI is a high-performance tractor that offers exceptional power and versatility. Whether used for agricultural tasks or commercial operations, this tractor delivers consistent performance and reliability.

Power and Performance

The key highlight of Indo Farm 3040 DI is its highest power engine in the 45 HP category. With a capacity of 2502 CC and a rated RPM of 2000, it generates sufficient power to handle demanding tasks with ease. Moreover, its efficient engine design requires minimal maintenance, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. The tractor can operate for extended hours without compromising on performance, making it a preferred choice for farmers seeking productivity and efficiency.

Versatility and Durability

One of the standout features of Indo Farm 3040 DI is its versatility. It is capable of carrying heavy implements such as rotavators, cultivators, ploughs, and more, making it suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications. Additionally, its sturdy construction and robust build ensure durability even in challenging working conditions. The tractor is equipped with both dry and oil-immersed brakes, enhancing safety and control during operation. Furthermore, Indo Farm provides a 2-year warranty along with essential accessories like a bumper, tools, TopLink, canopy, hitch, etc., adding value and convenience to the purchase.

Pricing and Availability

Despite its powerful performance and versatile capabilities, Indo Farm 3040 DI remains economical in price. Starting at 6 Lac, it offers excellent value for money, making it accessible to a wide range of buyers. The on-road price may vary depending on the region, providing flexibility to customers based on their budget and requirements.

Features of Indo Farm 3040 DI

The tractor comes equipped with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, providing smooth and efficient operation in various conditions. Its excellent cooling system ensures optimal engine performance, preventing overheating and maintaining efficiency during prolonged use. With a weight of 1990 KG and a lifting capacity of 1400 KG, Indo Farm 3040 DI can handle heavy loads with ease, enhancing productivity on the field.

Specifications Overview

In terms of specifications, Indo Farm 3040 DI falls under the 45 HP category, offering ample power for agricultural tasks. Its 3-cylinder engine delivers consistent performance, while the oil-immersed brake system ensures safety and control. The tractor features a mechanical steering system for easy maneuverability and a PTO power of 38.3 HP at 540 RPM, further enhancing its functionality and utility on the field.


Indo Farm 3040 DI emerges as a top contender in the 45 HP tractor segment, combining power, versatility, and durability in a cost-effective package. Its impressive features, efficient performance, and comprehensive warranty make it a reliable choice for farmers and commercial users looking for a dependable tractor solution.

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