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Reliable S-type Load Cells for Precise Measurement

S-type load cells, also known as S-beam load cells, are another type of force transducer commonly used to measure tension and compression forces in various industrial applications. The design of an S-type load cell resembles the letter "S", with one end usually fixed and the other end containing a load point where the force is applied.

These load cells are created with strain gauges mounted in the bending section of the S-shaped structure. When force is applied to the load point, the structure deforms, causing the resistance of the strain gauges to change. This change in resistance is proportional to the applied force, allowing the load cell to accurately measure tension or pressure.

S-type load cells offer measurement versatility as they can effectively measure tension and compression forces. They are used in applications such as crane scales, suspension scales, platform scales, and industrial automation systems where accurate force measurement is essential.

One advantage of S-type load cells is their compact design, making them suitable for installations with limited space. In addition, they offer high accuracy and reliability, making them the preferred choice for many industrial weighing and force measurement applications.

sensomatic loadcell


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