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Swift Vs Python: Everything You Need to Know in 2021


Programming languages' popularity fluctuates each year. Some programming languages lose popularity while others gain.

Two important programming languages are Swift and Python. Both languages have gained a lot in popularity over the years. Their popularity grows every year. They are a favorite among software engineers.

According to recent statistics, Python is the most used programming language. It is well-received by developers. What about Swift? It is likewise very popular as Python, and it is the second-fastest-growing language.

This post will explain the popularity of these languages. These FAQs will also be answered in detail. Lastly, you will understand why this language is important in the future.

Common traits of Swift and Python

Swift and Python are often contradictory languages. They share certain characteristics, despite this. Let's take a closer look at their similarities.

  • Both Swift and Python have a syntax very similar to English. There will be no problems if you do not use semicolons in Swift and Python code.
  • Each language has a REPL environment, which helps you debug and discover code faults.
  • Both languages can be used to program in multiple paradigms.
  • They also have access to additional learning aids.

Comparison of Swift & Python

Which criteria do you use to decide which programming language is best? How do you choose the programming language that will allow you to create the best product?

These questions have subjective answers that depend on many factors.

All aspects of product goals, features, target market, and most importantly budget, are taken into consideration.

There is the possibility that you may decide to switch languages during your company's lifetime. It doesn't matter what language you choose, it is important to understand the differences between Swift and Python. This will help you make your decision and choose the right one for you to use in creating your product. This article will help you decide which one is right for you.



Why is Python becoming more popular among programmers? Python can be used in many different applications, as we know. It is now time to discover the other benefits this programming language has. These are just a few of the many benefits of Python.

It's easy

Python's code is easy to understand and simple. This is one of its key benefits. The programming language appears similar to an English language. It is also not overly verbose. It is easy to read and use. This language is perfect for those who are just starting to learn programming languages. This is a great solution.

Python teaches you how to structure your code. This makes it easy for another programmer to read the code.


Python is both a procedural language and an object-oriented one. It supports reuse of code because it uses the procedural paradigm. It supports multiple inheritances, encapsulating data functions and functions into one object.


You can download the source code and make changes, thus making it "open-source". It was able to contribute to the development of a strong community.

Integration of other languages

Python is an extensible language that can also be embedded. It can be integrated in C++, Java, and C++ applications.


It can be used on a variety of platforms. You don't need to modify the code if other platforms want to support your project.

There are many libraries to choose from:

Python is an older programming language that has a large community. There are thousands of libraries and frameworks available. It is used for many purposes, including web development and machine learning. The Python standard library offers programmers a broad range of options.

Productivity gains

Because of its simplicity, Python is a highly productive language. Developers can focus more on solving problems. Programmers don't need to spend more time learning syntax and language behavior. It is possible to accomplish more with fewer lines of code.


Apple ensured developers had easy-to-use programming languages. Study shows that Swift executes 3 to 8 times faster than Objective C or Python. Swift has the following advantages:

Advantages of swift

It's easy

Swift's minimalistic design is similar to Apple's. It has a simple syntax which makes it easy to read and write. It is easy to understand for developers who are familiar with other programming languages. This programming language is advantageous when creating applications for multiple platforms.


Swift is a secure and powerful programming language. It is statically typed. It allows programmers to spot and fix issues before they are compiled.

Memory management

Developers will be able to save time and not have to do it manually. They may be able to create apps quickly.


Swift was made open-source at the close of 2015. This had a major impact on Swift's growth. It is now Github's most popular language.


This feature is already available for Linux, and will soon be available for Windows.


RTL can be used to quickly write programs.



You need to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of each product before you can make an informed decision. This language has many flaws, despite its long history.

Mobile device development

If you are looking to be a mobile developer, Python isn't the best choice. Kivy is a good alternative if you are up for the challenge. An open-platform Python framework to build mobile apps.

Restrictions on design

Python has several design constraints. It's a dynamically-typed language that uses duck typing. It automatically detects the type variable.

Sometimes it makes mistakes. You don't have to specify the type of a variable when you declare it. This can cause runtime problems.

Memory Consumption

This language is not suitable for memory intensive tasks. It is because of its high memory consumption.


Swift is still young and has many unresolved issues. Apple is working to eliminate them and make Swift multi-purpose. We have identified the following problems so far:

Limited Skilled Programmers

Swift is still very young and there is a shortage in Swift developers. Individuals who want to be Swift developers can make it a competitive advantage. Swift coders are in high demand, but competition is still very low.

Few native libraries exist.

There aren't many Swift utilities that work across multiple versions of Swift. This is because many libraries and frameworks were originally designed for older versions that are no longer relevant.


This issue has been raised by many developers. Swift is susceptible to instability due to modifications made in older versions.

Developers must rewrite code in order to update a project to the latest version of the language. The Swift Migration Tool for XCode partially solved this problem. This makes it easier to transition from version 3 to version 4.

Swift or Python: Which is better for you?

Now you can understand each side of each language. Now it's time for the next step: choose which language you prefer.

Although they are very different languages, Swift and Python share some similarities. Simpleness is the first characteristic. Both languages are simple and have clear grammar. With Swift and Python, developers don’t need to worry about semicolons.

Both languages feature a RELP environment. This environment makes it easy for developers to find and fix bugs in their code. Both are multi-paradigm and come with additional tools. This makes learning simple and enjoyable.

These languages can be used for many purposes. Python is used for back-end programming. You can use Python to develop artificial intelligence, create a back-end or design a prototype.

Swift is the best language for creating software for Apple environments. Swift and Python performance are different. Swift is faster and more efficient than Python.

When choosing the language to learn, developers should take into account the job market as well as compensation. You may be able to choose the best programming language after considering all of these factors.

Your goals will determine whether you code in Swift or Python.

Is Swift similar the Python programming language?

It could be compared to Python's syntax. Apple does not want its language to be affected by "Go Lang." Apple had an existing programming language, Objective C.

This is the latest Apple-branded lingo. They tried to simplify Objective-C's confusing command lines by making it simple and concise.

Swift is similar to any modern OOPs languages like JavaScript, Python and Go. This is where they basically copied Python's grammar. They also copied Python’s optional semicolons.

Swift uses tuples to match values with functions that have a certain number of variables. Python provides a similar technique. Swift was inspired many languages, but Python was the most influential. The interpreter for Swift does a good job. It can spot mistakes and remove junk as it runs.

Python is an open-source programming languages that can be slow to adapt. Swift is owned by Apple who can make any changes to it at any moment. Swift is a new programming language. Python is a well-known programming language. Apple can make Swift any time it wants, regardless of user feedback. Apple's developers are the users.

You can't program them unless you follow their instructions. It will be even more difficult to port Apple applications to Java for Android using Swift and its development tools. Apple is also a different kind of open source. It's not hard to believe. They make a lot of money from it. This is another reason Swift programmers will be different from Python programmers. They will be able make more.

Swift to replace Python as the language of choice for machine-learning?

A powerful, well-documented and easy-to-use language for developing machine learning solutions. It is also simple to use and learn. It's already there.

Python has been the preferred language for machine learning enthusiasts and students. Its low barrier to entry and easy use are reasons for this. Advanced machine learning frameworks are also available, which is one of TensorFlow's most popular. What are the chances of this changing?

Imagine a type-safe, compiled language with good memory management and high-performance. All the power of Python in a safer and more scalable package. Google set out to achieve this goal by creating a more powerful TensorFlow framework. Swift was the result.

Apple's Swift programming language is relatively new. It has been working over the last few years on its TensorFlow framework.

According to the TIOBE index, Swift is the fastest-growing language after only 2 years. In October 2018, Swift climbed to the top 10 most-popular languages.

Why is Swift still in Predicament

Swift is like any coin. Swift is a great tool, but it also has its flaws. Many developers hesitate to use Swift for iOS app development. Let's now take a closer look into Swift's shortcomings.

Compatibility issues

There are many problems that arise as Swift's new version develops. Developers will need to rewrite the code if they want to upgrade to the latest version.

Limited resources

The lack of tools is one of the biggest disadvantages to Swift for iOS apps. Swift's programming language is constantly evolving, it is clear. There are very few tools that can be used with different versions of Swift.

Swift is still a young language.

Swift is one the most powerful and fastest programming languages. It's not perfect, but it is still young and has many challenges.


Swift and Python excel at what they do. A survey of the most used programming languages revealed that Python is the number one spot with a share at 25.36%. Swift, with a share at 2.69 percent, is climbing the ladder at the ninth position.

Swift is rapidly gaining popularity, whereas Python has been a game changer for many years. Swift is the best option for developing a mobile app that runs on the iOS platform. Python is an excellent choice for developing AI, building a prototype or creating the back-end.

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