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Pisces in 2024 Yearly Horoscope Prediction

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Important Events in 2024:

To start with the luminary Sun enters your sign on Monday, February 19, 2024 marking the start of the Pisces season. The transit of the Sun in Pisces encourages or supports our creative and romantic dreams and desires. 

Then the New Moon for your sign happens on Sunday, March 10 when you would be told to dream big, your creativity would be stirred. 

Your house again gets activated with Saturn going retrograde in your sign on Saturday, June 29. This would be a period of transformation of your personal identity. In a couple of days, the outer planet of Neptune too would turn retrograde again in the sign of Pisces on Tuesday, July 02. Neptune’s retrograde in Pisces would be a good time to find out where reality ends and fantasy begins. The second pair of eclipse for 2024 starts with a Partial Lunar eclipse occurring in your sign on Wednesday, September 18. This would be a Full Moon too which makes you more emotional. There would be a sense of vulnerability, do focus on self -care routines around this eclipse period. 

And Jupiter, your ruler starts its retrograde motion on Wednesday, October 09 in the sign of Gemini. During Jupiter’s retrograde motion through the inquisitive Gemini, we get a chance to consider our thought process and question the way we take in and process information. Then on Friday, November 15, Saturn turns direct in your sign of Pisces. This change in Saturn’s orbit would be very helpful to ease upheavals. As a wrap off for the year, Neptune too turns direct on Saturday December 07 in your sign again. This would boost your compassion, your sensitivity and your empathy. 

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