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Libra in 2024 Yearly Horoscope Prediction

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Important Events in 2024:

The first quarter of year 2024 would not be that eventful for Libras. Close to the end of the quarter though on Monday, March 25 there would be a Full Moon in Libra.  On this Full Moon day, it is important that we set boundaries around ourselves. 

Lilith Black Moon enters your sign on Saturday, June 29. This would offer you much power with regard to forming connections. And then we have Venus- your ruler, the planet of love and pleasure entering your sign on Thursday, August 29. When Venus transits into Libra, it would be a period of harmony and balance for the natives. Then we have the major planetary influence for the Libras being the transit of Sun into Libra on Sunday, September 22 which marks the start of the Libra season which is also called as the Fall or Autumn Equinox. 

And the last eclipse of the year is due on Wednesday, October 02 which would be an annular solar eclipse in the sign of Libra. This is a time when the natives are asked to follow their passion which would lead them to success. 

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