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Leo in 2024 Yearly Horoscope Prediction

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Important Events in 2024:

On Thursday, January 25 there would be a full Moon in your sign. The Full Moon in Leo is a time to find out what in life makes you shine and embrace that without any fear or inhibitions. 

On Monday, July 22 the Sun enters the sign of Leo, marking the start of the Leo season that extends till the middle of August 2024. During the Sun transit, Leos would have a fun time. They would be more generous and tolerant towards others with the limelight shining upon them.  And there is a New Moon due in your sign on Sunday, August 04.  The Leo New Moon is a time to feel who you are, find out what you want to be and to accept yourself for who you are. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, your 8th house on Wednesday, September 18 and the Solar Eclipse in Libra, your 3rd house on yet another Wednesday, October 02 would be harbingers of changes bringing about massive transformations in your life through the year. Leos generally tend to feel the Solar Eclipse more strongly as the Sun is their ruler. Around mid-November, the Leonids Meteor Shower takes place in the sign of Leo and this would be a great spectacle to behold. Your identity comes to play on this day. 

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