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7 Benefits of AR/VR Technology in Employee Training


You might have seen AR/VR technology in video games like Pokémon Go or any others, but today, these immersive technologies are no longer confined to gaming. Nowadays, where COVID-19 outbreak has hit the world, and the need for social distancing has made employees work from home. AR/VR has opened a new window to provide effective learning and training to the employees.  


The market growth oAR/VR technologies is remarkable. AR’s installation base in smart glasses and mobile devices is anticipated to go over 2.5 billion by “2023”, with total revenue reaching $70 billion to $75 billion. VR is expected to have an installation base of over 30 million and $10 billion to $15 billion in revenue within the same period. Overall, both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will add US$1.5 trillion to the global economy by 2030, and up to US$294.2 billion  of that amount will be for training. 


Whether onboarding employees or remotely training them, AR/VR technology has become an excellent alternative to meeting rooms or classrooms.  Incorporating immersive technologies in employee training changes the way workers learn and develop the skills necessary to accomplish target goals. I have come up with a blog that speaks about 7 benefits of AR/VR technology in employee training that will transform your employee's work performance and improve your company’s profit margins. This article will also discuss how AR and VR technologies work with SAP ERP to positively impact the business.  

7 Benefits of AR/VR Technology in employee Training 

1.Face to face training environments  

Employee training with virtual reality will take learning to the next level by placing learners into the virtual environment that mimics the real world. VR in corporate training forms instructors’ avatars and develops a meeting room where employees can interact with instructors in real-time. 


AR in corporate training offers flexibility in employee training as it provides better access to relevant information and real-time connections to the systems around them. If you want to provide training related to operating machines in factories or warehouses. You can create 3D models of different appliances so that employees can understand the exact operation of the specific machines 


For instance, with AR and VR help, you can form avatars of employees and put them in the virtual world where employees find themselves in the 3D production line and practice learning in real-time. Moreover, AR/VR technology in employee training helps employees to practice their skills effectively.  


2.A better way of practicing skills:  
Practicing makes employees perfect and keeps them improving continuously. According to the report Practicing skills is the best way to retain knowledge compared to the discussion, lectures, or more.  It has a retention rate of 75% compared to lectures with 5% retention capabilities.   


Many medical practitioners use AR/VR as a training tool through which they can practice their healthcare-related training anytime and anywhere. Or e.g., If you want to give training related to heart functions you can develop 3D models of the heart to explain in depth without any risk.   This type of 3D simulation increases 75% to 90% retention rate as compared to lectures or discussions.  

3.More engaging gamification in training:  
Most businesses use a learning management system (LMS) that embeds gamification to provide employee training effectively. Corporate LMS for employee training utilizes gamification elements like badges, points, and rewards that keep learners engaging in the training program.  


By integrating corporate LMS with AR/VR technology, you can provide a flawless learning experience that shapes the future of training and learning with gamification. You can create and form gamification elements like badges and rewards to involve employees in the learning process. 


For instance, by gamifying learning with AR/VR technology in employee training, your employees can earn tangible rewards and badges, and also they can physically move leaderboards. AR in corporate training allows employees to interact with points and badges in real-time and even hold them in their hands. 

4.Qualitative eLearning assessments : 
Speaking of eLearning assessments, with VR/AR technology in employee training, it becomes easy to record employee performance and track the results. After completing the course, employees can view the playback and notice where they went wrong so that they can identify their strengths and weaknesses.  

In terms of example, if your employees missed a vital step in the learning process, with AR/VR technology, they can immediately play the record and retake the eLearning assessment. Workers can immediately learn from their mistakes and perform better by adopting AR/VR technology in employee training.  


5.Personalized online learning paths 


With the help of corporate LMS, you can create personalized learning paths for each employee. Integrating LMS with AR/VR technology will enable your employee to interact with learning resources in real-time. Augmented reality in corporate training makes learners walk down a learning path like immersive video games where players go on different paths depending on performance.  

For example, if you want to provide training to HR who wish to become proficient in employee management. Augmented reality in training employees creates 3D learning paths that include courses like management, budgeting, and recruiting and allow them to walk on learning paths after completing each course. Moreover, the learning path focuses on improvising employees’ decision-making abilities.  

6.Interactive learning :  

AR/VR technology in employee training has become a panacea for providing training to remotely working employees in this pandemic situation. It allows employees to fully step into the virtual world and immerse themselves in the learning process. It engages employees in a realistic environment which results in retention and satisfaction. 

You can personalize and develop interactive learning by embedding interactive videos and 3D objects which engage employees in the learning process without any external distractions. With AR/VR technologies, you can create 3D models of various courses through which it becomes easy to interact with employees in real-time.  

7. Advanced Learning Analytics  

Corporate LMS can provide you detailed reports, but integrating AR/VR technology with LMS can provide you with advanced data in a precise manner. It enables you to track employees’ eye contact to gauge their interest in the learning process.  

This insightful analytics helps to gauge the employees’ engagement with exact accuracy. Thus, AR/VR technology in employee training provides tailor-made training materials to enhance benefits that boost employees to perform better.  




AR/VR technology in employee training improves employees’ retention rates and boosts them to perform better. Businesses adopting these immersive technologies maximize employee engagement at lower costs and rapid return on investment. It is safe to say that AR/VR has successfully been applied to various industries and organizations to create next-generation learning experiences. The possibilities of AR/VR  technology in employee training seem limitless as it transforms workers learning capabilities effectively.  

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